Welcome to Student Support

STUDENT SUPPORT offers an array of services to assist students as they strive to realize their educational goals. These services include professional advising; career guidance; personal and academic counseling; assistance for students with disabilities; support for veterans and active-duty military; testing administration; and coordination of student life. Student Support offices are located on the second floor of the Student Center, West Wing, directly above the bookstore. 

PROFESSIONAL ADVISING: our three professional advisors, Ms. Georgia Fox, Ms. Rosemary Robertson-Smith, and Mr. Bob Tillie, help new students choose appropriate programs of study, understand their degree requirements, develop manageable course schedules, and, in general, assist them in making a successful transition to university life. All first-time freshmen, transfer, and reentry students meet with a professional advisor once they are admitted or readmitted to the university. To schedule an appointment, call Ms. Davia Speed-Berry at (318) 767-2604.

CAREER GUIDANCE: our website provides an array of resources to students who need help choosing a major; learning about the employment opportunities that await them when they graduate; or discovering which career in their field is the best match for their strengths and abilities. If students need to talk to someone about their educational goals, they can call Ms. Davia Speed-Berry at (318) 767-2604 and make an appointment.

COUNSELING: our two counselors, Ms. Kathy Wimmert, and Ms. Janice Miller, are available to assist students in addressing problems that are hindering or could potentially hinder their academic progress. Such problems might be academic or personal in nature. All counseling services are free and confidential. To schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor, call Ms. Davia Speed-Berry at (318) 767-2604.

DISABILITY SERVICES: our licensed professional counselor, Ms. Janice Miller, is available to assess students who present appropriate written documentation of a learning, physical, or psychological disability and to determine whether such students are eligible for ADA accommodations. To schedule an appointment\, call Ms. Davia Speed-Berry at (318) 767-2604.

TESTING: our testing coordinator, Ms. Katie Cooley, schedules and administers a wide variety of tests to enrolled students, prospective students, graduates, and members of the community. These tests include ACT (national and residual), PRAXIS, Dantes, CLEP, VUE, and Sam Challenge. Independent study tests and special needs testing are also made available as needed. For more information about testing, call Ms. Katie Cooley at (318) 427-4492.  To register for online tests, click on the following link: http://www.registerblast.com/lsua/exam.

VETERANS SUPPORT: our Veterans Support Committee, led by Mr. Robert Tillie, works with university faculty and staff and military-affiliated groups from the community to sponsor educational opportunities and social events for the campus's veterans and active-duty military population. For more information about resources on campus for this important population, contact Mr. Tillie at (318) 473-6561.

STUDENT LIFE: our student life coordinator, Ms. Kyra Hall-Turner,. coordinates student events and activities and works with student organizations to enhance the campus experience for both new and continuing students. If you'd like to join a student organization, establish a new one, or learn about opportunities to become involved on campus, call (318) 427-4403.

Student Support Staff

Dr. Eamon Halpin   Ms. Davia Speed-Berry   Ms. Georgia Fox   Ms. Rosemary Robertson-Smith 

mr. Robert Tillie         

Dr. Eamon Halpin, Director; Room W211; (318) 767-2604; ehalpin@lsua.edu                                                   Ms. Davia Speed-Berry, Administrative Assistant; Room W204; (318) 767-2604; dberry@lsua.edu                     Ms. Georgia Fox, Professional Advisor; Room W209B; (318) 767-2607; gfox@lsua.edu                                        Ms. Rosemary Robertson-Smith, Professional Advisor; Room W209A; (318) 427-4450; rrsmith@lsua.edu              Mr. Robert Tillie, Professional Advisor; Room W209C; (318) 473-6561;rtillie@lsua.edu                                         Ms. Kathy Wimmert, Counselor; Room W209; (318) 473-6546; kwimmert@lsua.edu                                            Ms. Janice Miller, Counselor; Room W208 (318) 473-6532; jmiller@lsua.edu                                                       Ms. Katie Cooley, Testing Coordinator; Room W220; (318) 427-4492; kcooley@lsua.edu                                    Ms. Kyra Hall-Turner, Student Life Coordinator; Room W209W; (318) 427-4403; kturner@lsua.edu